Adding Value to the Supply Chain

About Us

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Founded in 1934, privately owned, Sorpol is a leading importer and distributor of industrial raw materials for a range of industries and companies in Israel.

Driven by a mission to provide added value to the supply chain, Sorpol represents leading global manufacturers of polymers, speciality chemicals, animal feed and food ingredients, and offers a diverse range of packaging and application engineering solutions.

  • 30 Employees
  • 80 $ million Annual sales
  • 3,000 Pallets stored in
  • 7 temperature-controlled storage rooms
  • 3 Subsidiaries add value to the supply chain of more than 1,000 regular customers.
Sorpol Specialty

Sorpol Specialty Materials Nutrition

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  • Nutraceuticals and Exipients
  • Functional Food Ingredients
  • Bakery Ingredients
  • Animal Feed Additives

Sorpol Specialty Materials Chemicals

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  • Paint, Ink & Coating raw materials
  • Cosmetics and Personal Care
  • Specialty Additives

Sorpol Specialty Materials Polymers

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  • Functional Polyolefins
  • Engineering Plastics
  • Specialty Additives

Sorpol Finance

Established in 1930,
Sorpol celebrates 90 years of supplier payment assurance.

Sorpol Logistics

The teams are supported by a centralized warehousing, distribution, secretarial and financial services infrastructure, for a streamlined approach and maximum efficiency.

Sorpol Logistics

  • Temperature Controlled Storage
  • Israeli Environment, Food, Health & Hazmat approved
  • Vendor Managed Inventory Services
Sorpol Consulting Services

Sorpol Consulting Services

Stay one step ahead of competitors. Obtain the knowledge and support you need to make informed, data-driven decisions about your chemical manufacturing facility and close performance gaps.

Sorpol Consulting Services

Chemical, Plastics, Food, Feed and Cosmetics manufacturers today face intensifying competitive pressure on multiple fronts—new world-scale facilities, shifting supply and demand patterns, and tighter industry integration. To thrive in these challenging times, producers need to understand where the margin opportunities lie in their manufacturing processes in order to increase reliability, lower production costs, and maximize return-on-investment.

Sorpol Consulting Services

Sorpol’s Industrial Raw Materials and Additive performance database, extensive inventory of manufacturing best practices, and decades of industry experience help producers identify performance gaps and receive data-driven insight to support change initiatives. Our expert consultants can also help you address performance gaps and set realistic targets to improve performance.

Sorpol Consulting Services

Go from Benchmarking to Performance Excellence:
Benchmarking → Collect & Verify Data → Data Quality & Review → Identify Gaps & Opportunities → Achieve Performance Excellence → Obtain Deeper Analysis & Insight → Devise and Action Plan → Implement & Monitor